Welcome to My Sims 3 Stories 3.0! Below is a *working* table of contents to help you navigate my site. For my shorter stories, go here. Also, here’s the thread on the sims forums, if you’d prefer that way for comments.

Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents:
Page Organization


~I love organization. Therefore, my entire site is color coded. Red words are links, which normally open to a new tab without the need to be right clicked. Blue words are more often than not something important that you should take note of, such as warnings before the beginning of a story.

~If you’re new to the story, first click on the story title at the top and read what’s on that page. Then you can go through the links on that page. If you’re not new to the story, hover over the story title, then below that will pop up each piece of the story. There are sub categories in the categories at the top.

~I am off to college now, so my updates are sporadic, based upon my will and availability to play the sims. When I can, I try to stick within a 2 month update frame, but that’s not always possible. On the site with my short stories, I have a new story almost every month thanks to the monthly short stories challenges. Don’t worry, unless it says “dropped” somewhere around the story, then I plan to update the story eventually.

~I have a lot of mods. If a single mod gives me a significant advantage in a challenge-based story, then I will not use it. For a list of all the mods I have/use, go to my Mods List. The poses I use will also be there, and someday I hope to include most of the CC I have there.

~Sometimes (not very often) there is swearing in my stories. More often than not, I use swearing to portray a character’s personality. Don’t fret, I use swearing rather sparsely.

~Each chapter will be titled “Part.Chapter: Title.” For example, “1.00: Head Over Heels.”  Chapter 00 is the equivalent of the prologue/preface. One part is the equivalent of one generation. At the bottoms of each chapter will be links (like all the rest of the links on the page) to continue.

~One thing you’ll find about me is that if I’m still very early on in the story, then I will restart… A LOT… And yes, I do realize that that deters quite a bit of readers, but I promise that the story will eventually get up off the ground.

~If you have any questions for me, feel free to post them here or on the forum thread for this site. 🙂

 Page Organization Table of Contents

Page Organization

The story pages are organized as follows:

Links: A link to take you directly to the bottom of the page, where the story parts are.

Warnings: If the story has anything that might be triggering or content not suitable for children (Sexual romance, heavy swearing, self-harm, or similar content) this will be mentioned here in teal.

Story Description: This will be what some people would consider “the back of the book.” If you’re one of those people who never reads the back of the book, skip this section. NO SPOILERS HERE!

Background information: The inspiration for this story (links included), any modifications to the rules (if there are any rules), the point of view of the story (they’re not all the same), or anything else I feel should be stated about the story.

Story Parts: This section consists of links that will take you to anywhere you want to go within the story. If I do not plan on the story being a legacy, then a link to each chapter will be included. If I plan on the story being a legacy, then instead of chapters I’ll post links to parts, which will contain each chapter in that part.

Updates Table of Contents


The dates are in mm/dd/yy. To go to that update, just click on the title. If the story is complete, it will say *Complete* next to the date.

Askew With Montesque (Hiatus): Temporarily removed
Pets Rescue (Hiatus): Temporarily removed
Scarlet Teardrops01/26/17
*more coming soon*

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